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Truck Bed Liners & Protective Coatings

  • Truck Bed Liner
  • Jeep interiors
  • Van interiors
  • Water and chemical tanks
  • Solid wasted containers and vehicles
  • Storage compartments
  • Utility trailers
  • Chemical trucks
  • Lawn care equipment
  • Flat bed trucks and trailers
  • Street sweeper hoppers
  • Bus floors and steps
  • Horse trailers
  • Cattle trucks
  • Car an boat trailers
  • RV roofs
  • Fertilizer hoppers
  • Wheel chair ramps
  • Auto trunks

Protecting Enclosed & Open Trailers

Whether you want the protection of our spray on liner for work or for pleasure. You'll be amazed at just how durable and long lasting our product is. Our product offers the best coverage and protection with a texture that doesn't make it slippery. It prevents rust and corrosion, resists scratches and abrasions, reduces load slippage, dampens road noise, and maximizes your cargo space. Our product isn't just for truck bed liners, it also has many other commercial and industrial applications. It can be applied to metal, wood, concrete, and other materials such as foam insulation and fiber glass.

It's perfect for professionals that haul equipment in enclosed or open trailers. We completely understand how important it is to make equipment last and the trailer you choose to haul it all around in is just as important too. In enclosed trailers you have many options - we can apply our product to just the floor, the floor and 2 feet up on the walls, or we can completely protect the inside. Our protect is water resistant and will  prevent rust from damaging any metal. 

For the weekend 4x4 warriors, our product works great when it's applied to toy haulers to protect them for the abuse they endure after a long weekend tearing up the trails, splashing through mud holes, hitting up the dunes, or crawling rocks and boulders. Clean up is easy as you just simply spray your toy hauler out with water to remove all of the mud and our protective coating isn't damaged one bit. 

Click play on the video to watch the whole process of prepping, and spraying an enclosed trailer with a wood floor.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment

Ruff Tuff Custom Seat Covers

We sell Ruff Tuff custom seat covers that are manufactured right here in the United States. There are hundreds of colors and fabric types to choose from. You can choose any style: outdoor camo, carbon fiber, neo-supreme, saddle blanket, sof touch, tweed, velour, and more. It doesn't matter what vehicle you own, if you want a custom seat cover, we can make it happen for all years, makes, and models. Stop into our store and design your custom seat today!

The benefits of purchasing custom seat covers are numerous. Some people like to change the look of their interior. Some people use custom seat covers to protect their existing seats. This is especially common in work trucks or when you are exceptionally hard on your seats. Another reason is to restore the look of the interior after your seats have already been damaged.

Oftentimes, the condition of the interior of a car or truck will make a big difference in the resale value of the vehicle. The easiest way to preserve the interior of a car or truck is to protect the seats, which incur the majority of the wear and tear on the interior of a vehicle. The most common place to see seat damage is on the outside edge of the driver's seat cushion. If you are expecting to resell your vehicle, either to a dealership or to an individual, it is not uncommon for the custom seat cover cost to pay for itself when you sell the vehicle because it keeps the seats in such pristine condition.